Friday, April 27, 2007

Um, Er... OK?

So, um, yeah, if you feel you qualify, go ahead and, apply.

Fit testers wanted: (emeryville)
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Date: 2007-04-26, 12:02PM PDT

The research group at is looking for women to join our bra fit clinic. The bra sizes that we are looking for are: band size 34, 36, or 38 with cup size B, C, or D.

If you meet our size criteria, we’ll pay you $75 for trying on bras and giving us honest feedback about style and fit. You’ll also walk away knowing what bra size and style is perfect for you! [omigosh!]

Fittings will be held in our Emeryville offices from May 1st through the 4th. Each appointment will last about 1 ½ hours. [jebus, that's a helluva long time to try on bras]

If you are interested in joining our fit test, email us at with your bra size information and your phone number. We will call you to schedule a fit appointment.

Unfortunately, if you were part of our February fitting we will not be able to use you again for this one.
[that IS unfortunate]

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chumly said...

If you need any old men call me.