Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yowza - That's Gotta Hurt

Re-entry Specialist
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Date: 2007-10-23, 4:19PM PDT

[Oh, never mind - I thought this was about space travel.]

The California Culinary Academy (CCA), founded in 1977 and located in San Francisco, is the nation’s premier culinary arts, hospitality management and patisserie training institute [not at all affiliated with NASA or space travel]. At CCA, students have the unique opportunity to work with many of the world’s finest chefs, spacemen, hospitality management professionals, martians, and culinary innovators.

CCA is seeking a talented Re-entry Specialist to join our team. This position requires a minimum of three to five years of professional experience working in student retention, space travel, re-entry, manning rocket ships, hurtling through space at light speed, or admissions.

This position will support Academic Affairs and Student Services by falling back to earth unscathed to serve as liaison between former students and staff. S/he [S? Who is S?] will provide various administrative functions to ensure that processes are performed in an accurate and timely fashion.

Principal duties, but not limited to:
Recruits recently withdrawn students
Self-propelled space travel
Ensures the academic folder is complete
Re-entry without thermal protection
Enrolls re-entry students
Training others on re-entry methods
Student success
Liaising with martians as needed
Student service advising

Education: Bachelor Degree in Sociology, Space Travel, Psychology, Physics, Counseling, Rockets, Education or related field.

We offer an attractive base salary, ball caps, altimeters, space helmets and benefits program including medical/dental/vision, skin resurfacing/burn therapy, ESPP, 401k with company match, tuition assistance, and flexible spending programs. Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, videos of prior re-entry missions, and salary history/requirements to